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Auburn High School Library Resource Center
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Auburn High School Ebooks
Ebook Collections
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  • 45 reference books on the  following subjects:
  •   Education
  •   Environmental Science
  •   Health
  •   History
  •   Literature
  •   Science
  •   Social sciences


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  • A collection of ten E-books on the subject of Cyber Safety.¬†¬†¬†
  • Interactive books, not downloadable.
Individual Ebook Titles

Literature Resources


Cooking With Shakespeare
Author(s):  Mark Morton, Andrew Coppolino
Publication Year: 2008
Total Pages: 336

Examines the food culture of Shakespeare's England and provides original and modernized versions of more than 180 period recipes.  Passages from Shakespeare's plays relate the recipes to his texts and help students use food to gain a greater appreciation of his world and works.

Literature Resources


Family Life in the Age of Shakespeare
Author(s):  Bruce M. Young
Publication Year:  2008
Total Pages: 280

From the star-crossed romance of Romeo and Juliet to Othello's misguided murder of Desdemona to the betrayal of King Lear by his daughters, family life is central to Shakespeare's dramas. This book helps students learn about family life in Shakespeare's England and in his plays.

Literature Resources


Women in the Age of Shakespeare
Author(s): Theresa D. Kemp
Publication Year: 2009
Total Pages: 263

Portia and Kate, Ophelia and Desdemona, Cleopatra and Lady Macbeth‚ÄĒ the beautifully realized women in Shakespeare‚Äôs plays continue to captivate us, relevant and revealing even today, centuries after their creation. They  also offer us a window into the realities of daily life for women across the social spectrum during Shakespeare‚Äôs own time.

Literature Resources

Voices of Shakespeare's England:
Contemporary Accounts of Elizabethan Daily Life
Editor(s):  John A. Wagner
Publication Year: 2010
Total Pages: 260

Voices of Shakespeare√≠s England includes the works of Shakespeare himself, as well as other poets and playwrights of the time.  It also expands beyond the literary world to cover politics, religion, economics, social change, and the royal court. By allowing Shakespeare's contemporaries to speak in their own voices, it offers an illuminating look at the breadth of Elizabethan society, including major historic events in England as well as Scotland, Ireland, the European continent, and even the new world of America.

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