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Auburn High School Library Resource Center
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[Link]Get a free Harvard Education on WW II
Harvard Professor Charles S. Maier's lecture series on World War II.  Part of Harvard Extension School's¬†Opening Learning Initiative, this 23 part series provides a means for analyzing and evaluating what one reads or sees about World War II in terms of historical accuracy and for gaining a broader understanding of different perspectives.

Research Starters: The National WW II Museum's page dedicated to research starters:
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Facts on File's American History section on World War II:  (user name and password rewuired)
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The Jewish Museum in Berlin, recommended sites.  While a vast majority offer both German and English, some may not be translated.
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World War II Education in other Countries
European Syllabus.pdf
The attached document discusses the World War II school curriculm in different European Countries.

PBS' Frontline series,  "A Jew Among the Germans", one man's account of revisiting Germany years after losing his family.  This portion details Holocaust education in Germany.


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