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Andrew Corbett - HS Mathematics/ Math Facilitator
Auburn Enlarged City School District
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Mr. Corbett's Home Page

                                                Mr. 102504_23730_0.png+102504_23852_1.png's Home Page

 Marking Period Dates for 2017-2018: Marking Period Dates

Interim Report Schedule: Interim report


Mr. Corbett's Schedule  LUNCH _B_  Schedule for '17 - '18

Homeroom                         7:55 --7:59           
 Period 1                               8:03 – 8:43             Algebra 1A
Period 2                               8:47 – 9:27             Precalculus
Period 3                               9:31 – 10:11            Study Hall
Period 4                             10:15 – 10:55             Algebra 1A
Period 5                             10:59 – 11:39             Statistics
Period 6                               11:41 – 12:11           Lunch
Period 7                              12:15 – 12:55            Precalculus
Period 8                              12:59 – 1:39             Facilitator Duty
Period 9                               1:43 -- 2:23             Prep
After School            2:27 – 2:50             Extra Help

How to access your students grades online

Algebra 1A (period 1 and 4)  Click the link to receive Remind Notifications: Alg 1A Remind invite.pdf

Algebra 2 and Trigonometry (None this year)

Precalculus 1 and 2 / CCC Math 106 (period 2 and 7)  Precalculus Remind Invite.pdf

        Using Math To Cure Cancer

                I am pleased to announce that Cayuga Community College has recently purchased Accuplacer Online Course and Practice Tests, which will provide unlimited opportunities for Cayuga Advantage students to enhance their Math, English, Reading and test-taking skills prior to taking Accuplacer. To access these materials ask Mr. Corbett

High School Statistics (5th period) Statistics Remind Invite.pdf
Expectations- see precalculus

AP Statistics ( None this year)
        AP Exam first week in May.  Final project in June.

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