Here you will find both the Auburn City School District's Attendance Policy tab from the AHS calendar along with a Student Handbook tab containing School Attendance and Course Credit and Attendance pages along with excerpts from it that are Attendance related.


Auburn Enlarged City School District
#7210 (Amended 4/22/09) Attendance Policy

Attendance and Course Credit

A written, verbal (face to face), phone call, e-mail, or text message excuse from a parent/guardian should be received on the date of the child's return to school; must be received no later than five days of return to school.  If no excuse is provided as required, the absence(s) will be coded as unexcused on the school record.


* The only excused absences or reasons for tardiness are: illness of Student; illness or death in family; severe weather conditions; religious observance; required court appearance; health care visit to clinic or physician; approved college visit; military obligation; building administrator approved absences.

* All reasons other than the ones noted above are considered unexcused.