Auburn High School places a high value on the importance of students having a good attendance record.  If a student has to miss school (i.e. for being ill), please remember to call their Vice Principal's Office (A-F - 255-8307), (G-N - 255-8304) or O-Z - 255-8309)  Students are not allowed to call themselves in sick or write their own notes of excuse.  Additionally, they are always responsible for work they missed during their absence.

We encourage students to arrive to school on time.  Homeroom starts at 7:55. If a student arrives late to school for any reason, a note from a parent or legal guardian should accompany the student to school.  If a student has to leave our building during a school day, a written note with a phone number where a parent/guardian can be reached is also required. Students should present their note to their Vice-Principal's Office before homeroom.   The only exceptions are medical and dental excuses, which should be brought to the health office.  For each occurrence, students will be issued a permission slip after the written excuse is verified with the parent.  The student should then show this permission slip to their classroom teacher at the beginning of the period they will be leaving from.  Students should sign out in their Vice - Principal's Office at the time they leave, and sign back in there, if and when they return.

The Assistant Principals will address students who are repetitively late or absent from school.  Excessive tardiness or absences will result in disciplinary consequences and/or loss of priviliges.  These penalties may range from detention to suspension of parking privileges and/or denial of participation in social events like dances, proms, or extracurricular activities.

In an effort to confirm the correlation of our records and yours, the school will continue to mail out attendance letters and teachers will record absences with report card information.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information on these letters, please call your student's Vice-Principal's Office.

Special Excuses
To be excused from school for any reason, you must bring a written statement from your parent or guardian, including a telephone number where the person in parental authority may be reached for verification of the excuse:
        1. Take all medical and dental excuses to the health office BEFORE HOMEROOM.  You will be issued a health excuse after your written excuse is verified with the parent.  Show this excuse to your classroom teacher at the beginning of the period you are to leave.  Always sign out in, if and when you return to your VP's office.

        2. Take all excuses to leave for personal reasons to the Vice-Principal's Office BEFORE HOMEROOM (example: driver's test, funerals, trips, etc.)  You will receive permission to sign out after your excuse is verified.

Page 39: Course Credit and Attendance

A student's grade is based on classroom participation as well as performance on homewark, tests, papers, projects (written and oral), group work, and other assignments issued by teachers.  Student performance will be fully communicated to parents/guardians.  Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes.  When a student's daily attendance rate falls below 85% or approximately 4 absences per marking period, interventions will occur.  To receive credit for a course, the following conditions apply:

        * A student must have a passing final average.
             * Students must attend a minimum of 85% of the scheduled class/program times.  For full year classes, a    
                student may be denied course credit if the absences total twenty-eight (28)or more days.  For  classes
                meeting for one-half year, or every other day for a full year, a student may be denied course credit if
                the absences total fourteen (14) or more days.
        * For the purpose of this policy, students must be in attendance for a minimum of 2/3 of any given class
                period to be counted present.
        * Students engaged in alternative education programs follow the district attendance policy.
        * At a minimum, the following communication to parents/guardians will occur for class absences:

        1- First notification - 7 days absent
        2- Second notification - 14 days absent
        3- Third notification - 21 days absent
        4- Fourth notification - 28 days absent

Page 39-40: Intervention Strategy Process

When there is an identified pattern of unexcused absences, tardiness, or early departures, the following actions will occur:
        * A meeting of the principal, assistant principal, counselor, teacher, parent/guardian, or others as deemed
           necessary, will occur.       
        * The principal, or his/her designee, is responsible for administering appropriate sanctions for excessive
           absences, tardiness, or early dismissals.
        * Any parent/guardian wishing to appeal denial of course credit should contact the building principal.

Teacher Responsibilities

        * The record of the teacher for the class will be the official attendance record.
        * It is expected that teachers will provide opportunities for class make-ups.  All class make-ups will be
              decided by the teacher who may consult with the principal in appropriate circumstances.

Student Responsibilities

        * Students are responsible to attend all scheduled classes.
        * Within the five (5) school days immediately following a student's return to class from an absence, the
          student must make arrangements with the appropriate teacher to make up said absence.  Failure to do so may
           make it impossible for the student to get attendance credit for the missed class(es).

Parent Responsibilities

Parent/school communication is crucial to student success.

        *The school requests that parents/guardians call the school when they know their children will be absent,
          using the designated phone number and voicemail (255-8307 A-F VP's office), (255-8304 G-N VP's office)   or (255-8309 O-z's VP's office) Voice mail access is also available..
        * A written excuse from a parent/guardian is encouraged on the date of the child's return to school,
          but will be accepted on subsequent days.
        * Parent/guardians are required to provide the school with current addresses, telephone numbers, and
      emergency contacts at the beginning of the year.  If this information changes, parent/guardians should
           contact the school immediately.

Page 41: Disciplinary Consequences

Unexcused absences, tardiness or early departures will result in disciplinary action consistent with the student's attendance record.  Parent conferences or principal hearings, in-school suspension/detention, denied participation in school activities, loss of parking and other student privileges, loss of course credit, and possible legal action as appropriate may result from poor attendance at school.

Attendance Related Issues from the AHS Student Handbook:


Grade Reporting

In addition to reporting a student's grade, the teacher will report on each student's Attendance in class.

page 6: Make up Work

Those students with excused absences will have the opportunity to make up a test or other missed work within a reasonable time period,
generally not to exceed three (3) days.  Students who are unexcused or cut class may appeal to the teacher for permission to make up missed
work within a short period of time, generally not to exceed two days.  The student must take the initiative in making the necessary
arrangements immediately upon returning to school.

Schedule Changes

Schedule changes must be initiated through your school counselor and the appropriate paper work must be completed.  Parental approval is
necessary before a change is considered.  Students are to continue ATTENDING classes as scheduled until schedule changes have been
completely processed.

Page 7 Dropping courses

Parent, teacher and school counselor permission is required to drop a course.  Course changes may be requested only after the student has
ATTENDED the class for five days and within the first five weeks of the course.  Should circumstances cause a withdrawal from a course
after the first five weeks, the building principal must give his/her approval before the student is allowed to drop the course.



page 14: B. Insubordinate Conduct

Examples of insubordinate conduct include :

        * Failing to comply with the reasonable directions of teachers, school administrators or other school emplyees in charge of students       or otherwise demonstrating disrespect.
        * Lateness for, missing or leaving a class or school, school grounds or a job site without permission.
        * Entering any area without authorization.
        * Refusing to leave any classroom, building or job site after being directed to do so by District authorized personnel.
        * Skipping detention.

Page 17-18 I. Electronic Devices

Except otherwise provided by this policy, student use of electronic devices on the District campus is strictly prohibited.  
Electronic devices are to be stored by studentds in a safe place and shall not be removed or used except as authorized by a teacher or
administrator.  Teachers shall have the discretion to designate certain times when electronic devices can be used in their classrooms.  
Administrators shall have the discretion to permit the use of electronic devices on District property during school hours.  Electronic devices
may be used during class period or school activity when specifically approved by the teacher or a school administrator in conjunction with
educationally appropriate objectives.


D. Referrals

1. Counseling


The District may file a PINS (person in need of supervision) petition in Family Court on any student under the age of 18 who demonstrates
that he or she requires supervision and treatment by:
        * Being habitually truant and not ATTENDING school as required by part one of Article 65 of the Education Law.
        * Engaging in an ongoing or continual course of conduct which makes the student ungovernable or habitually disobedient and beyond
          the lawful control of the school.
        * Knowingly and unlawfully possesses marijuana in violation of Penal Law 221.05.  A single violation of 221.05  will be a sufficient basis
           for filing a PINS petition.
        * Knowingly and unlawfully possesses any illegal drug or controlled substance.


Detention (2:25 -2:50)
        1. Arrive no later than 2:25 P.M.
        2. No talking/noise.
        3. No eating/drinking.
        4. Be prepared to do work.

Page 30 : 5. If you are late or leave early, it will be considered an absence and will be referred back to your Assistant Principal.  The only
             allowable tardies will be students who attend P.M. BOCES who arrive by 2:40 P.M.


ISS is a formal setting where assigned students are placed from 1-5 days.  Students assigned to ISS must:
        1. Report to the ISS room immediately after homeroom.
        2. Arrive prepared to do work for the entire time assigned.
        3. No locker passes.
        4. One pass to lavatory in AM and one pass to lavatory in P.M.
        5. No talking/ noise.
        6. No eating/drinking except during lunch.
        7. No sleeping or putting your head down.
        8. No passing of material(s).
        9. If tardy to ISS, time will be made up.

Page 31: Out of School Suspension (OSS)

Out of school suspension can be assigned for 1-5 days depending upon the severity ofhe infraction.  When a student is suspended from
school, all attempts will be made to notify the parent/guardian by phone.  Written notfication will be forwarded to the student's residence.  
The student is expected to remain off school grounds during the suspension or could face trespassing chasrges.  The only exception to
this is Attendance at Auburn Tutoring Services.


Bicycles, Skateboards, Rollerblades and Skates

Students may ride their bicycles to school; however, they must walk their bicycles on schoolsidewalks.  As soon as a student arrives at
school, they should park and lock their bicycles in the appropriate area.  The school is not responsible for stolen or damaged bicycles.  
Skateboards, roller skates, sneaker skates, and rollerblades are to be stored in a student's locker or other approved area once the student enters Auburn High School.

Page32: Closed Campus

Students who leave school for any reason without permission from the nurse, an administrator, his/her parent and their VP's office will be unexcused from school, Auburn High School operates as a "Closed Campus" school.  Students are responsible for being on
site from the start of the school day to the conclusion of the school day.

Remaining After School

Any  student may remain in the building after 2:23 dismissal time for one of the following reasons:
        1. To get extra help from a teacher.
        2. To remain for a teacher for an Assistant Principal detention.
        3. To work in the library media center.
        4. To wait in an assigned area for an athletic practice to begin.

*If a student remains in the building for any other reason than those listed above (s)he will be asked to leave and nay face disciplinary action.

Page 32: Emergency School Closings

When schools are to be closed because of bad weather or other emergencies, families will receive a telephone call via the school messenger
system.  Local radio and TV stations will also announce this information on their early morning programs.

Page33: Early Release

Close consideration will be given to all Auburn High School Seniors who are seeking an early release.  This applies to both work release and those students who plan to attend college classes of the Auburn High School campus.

All students must be taking at least four classes per semester at the high school in order to be eligible to participate in any school-sponsored activities.  These include, but are not limited to, dances, participation on an athletic team, and extra-curricular clubs.

        1. Pupils must leave as soon as released.  They cannot wait in halls, bathrooms or the cafeteria.  Students who need to use the LRC
           may do so.  The LRC staff will check the early release master list.     
        2. Pupils must provide their own transportation.
        3. The school is not responsible for a student after release.
        4. Release may not be possible due to scheduling problems.
        5. A student in violation of rules and regulations may be scheduled for a full day and forfeit work release.  This includes excessive
         absences, tardies, discipline referrals, and/or being academically ineligible for co curricular activities due to failure to   
           maintain an overall average of 70 or having grades of "incomplete".
        6. A pupil who is failing one or more subjects may be given a full schedule.
        7. Counselors will call place of emplyment to check on continued emplyment.
        8. Employers will receive written notification of the conditions under which a student is granted work release and the right of the
           School Principal to revoke a student's Working Permit.

Page 34: Student ID Cards

At the beginning of the school year, each student is provided with a photo ID card valid for the current school year.  Stydents are required to have them during the school day.  A student is required to show their current ID card upon request by any staff member.  Failure to produce a student ID card when requested will result in disciplinary action.  The studnet ID card is required
also for the following activities:
        1. Signing out materials from the Library.
        2. Admission to school dances, and other designated events as determined by administration.
        3. Signing into school when tardy.

* Of a student loses, misplaces, or destroys his/her current ID card he/she is required to purchase a replacement card at the cost of $5.

* If a student who wishes to be admitted to a school event where an ID card is required does not have his/her ID with him/her, he/she        may be denied admittance to the event.

Page 35 Behavioral Eligibility Statement

* Students who serve an out -of school suspension, on the day of a co-curricular activity or other school affair (e.g:dance) scheduled after regular shool hours, are not eligible for participation or attendance at such events.  If a student is suspended Friday, or the day before a break, s/he may not participate in any school activities until the conclusion of the Suspension - the next day school is in regulasr session.
* Students who serve a full day of in - school - suspension may not participate in co-curricular events after school.  Attendance at after school co-curricular events shall be at the discretion of the activity supervisor.
* In order for students to attend a school-sponsored function, it is necessary that students attend classes for a minimum of four bells.  For events held on Saturdays or Sundays such as proms and other dances, students should be in attendance for the entire school day preceding the event.  Any exceptions to this rule must be pre-approved by the principal.

* Family trips during vacation and school-sponsored trips are deemed to be legal absences for the purpose of co-curricular eligibility.  Therefore, that student who goes on a family trip during vacation or on a school-sponsored trip will not be dropped from the activity.  Team/Activity membership rules may determine the extent of participation upon return.

Page 41 Student Driving/Parking

Page 42 -#5 Students who drive to school must be prompt in attendance.

Page 42 Driver attendance Procedures

Consequences for attendance related infractions including tardiness, unexcused absences, truancy, not signing in or out at their VP's Office or leaving without permission will result in appropriate disciplinary action which may include suspension of the student's parking privileges.

Page 43 Dances

Page 44 # 3.  Any student who enters a dance may not leave the dance and reenter.  Once a student makes the decision to leave the dance, (s)he may not return.

Page 44: Visitors

The following rules apply to anyone on school property who is not a regular staff member or student of Auburn High School. All visitors
must report to the main office upon arrival to the school.  There they will be required to sign the visitor's registry and will be issued a
visitor's identification badge, which must be worn at all times while in the school, or on school grounds.  The visitor must return the identification badge to the main office before leaving the building.  Visitors attending school functions open to the public are not required
to register.  All visitors are to abide by the rules of public conduct on school property contained in the Auburn Enlarged City School Distict's Code of Conduct.