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Global 10

        *  This course is comprised of 2 years of Global History, including the content from their 9th grade year.

        *  Both 9th grade Global & 10th grade Global Content are on the Regents exams in June.

        * Students are required to have a 3-inch, 3-Ring binder for this course with 5 dividers. This binder is graded every marking period     
          and is used for Review throughout the year and especially at the end of the year for Review Week.

        *  Students have homework on a regualr basis (everyday basically)

        *  Throughout the year students will receive Document-based Question (DBQ) Essay and Thematic Essay  practice.

        *  I also assign Quizzes and Tests with each chapter and some Pop Quizzes.

        *  Students are required to take notes during class, we use the notes during Review.




        * 11th & 12th tudents will be taking a college level course.

        *  In this course students will be participating in various practical experiments, note taking, various activities, graded homework     
           assignments and a Part I Essay portion for the Final and Multiple Choice questions.

        *  This course touches on various topics: Motivations, Brain, Body & Behavior, Conditioning, Mental Illnesses, Sensation and    
            Perception, and careers. I cover many areas in order to give students an opportunity to learn about  topics that may interest them in            a future career so they can pursue concentrated courses in College.

        *   This course aimed at having fun with Pscyhology and learning about a new subject

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