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GPA/Rank in Class

Grade point average and rank are computed after the sixth semester using all courses for which a numerical average is recorded. Please note that class rank and GPA includes Physical Education. Both GPA and rank in class are weighted. When calculating rank, the weighting formula adds 5% to the final average in enriched, AP, and college credit courses taught on site at Auburn High School. (Note: College courses taken ‚Äúoff site‚ÄĚ or on the Internet will not be weighted for GPA or class rank, i.e., New Visions English).

Marking Period Vertical Average

For each marking period, a straight average is calculated by adding up the grades in the marking period column of the report card, then dividing by the number of classes listed.  The vertical average is used to determine extracurricular and athletic eligibility, as well as placement on honor roll and high honor roll.

Course Final Average Calculation

The average of the six marking periods is 75% of the final average, and the final exam is 25% of the final average.  For example, if marking period grades are as follows:

65 + 72 + 75 + 82 + 80 + 78 = 452/6 = 75.33 (marking period average)

Final exam grade:  65         MP average 75.33 x 3 + 65 (exam) /4 = Final average 72.75

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