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Professional school counselors provide a broad range of academic, social/emotional and college/career readiness services to students.  Below are just a few examples of what we do:

* maintain an academic "pathway to graduation" plan for each student
* discuss academic goals and action steps with students
* create schedules and assist with appropriate course selection
* monitor academic eligibility for athletes
* consult with teachers and parents regarding student progress
* arrange parent-teacher conferences when needed

* provide personal, brief counseling to students on any topic of concern for them
* make referrals to outside agencies when needed
* teach classroom-based lessons on suicide prevention and healthy relationships
* collaborate with parents, staff and students to support students' emotional well-being
* provide crisis intervention in school

College/Career Readiness
* assist students with college and career goal-setting
* help students make decisions about post-secondary plans, whether it be college, military, trade school, work force, or other plan
* provide students and families with informational workshops
* assist students with college and scholarship applications
* support students and families through the college application process

Please contact your child's school counselor with questions, concerns, or feedback...we're happy to help!

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