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Study Skills

Knowing how to study is half the battle when it comes to preparing for tests.  Below are some tips to help you "study smarter".

1.      Take better notes in class
        * if the teacher puts it on the board, it's important; write it down
        * write neatly so that you can read your notes later
        * if you have a question or don't understand something, ask the teacher, and be sure to write the answer in your notes
        * do reading assignments before class, so that you know what the teacher is talking about as you're taking notes
        * compare notes with a friend to make sure you didn't miss anything important
        * stay after school with your teacher if you missed anything or need clarification
        * always obtain a copy of class notes if you were absent, from a friend or your teacher

2.      Read smarter
        * Read twice; the first time through, skim for headings, subheadings, boldfaced words, charts, graphs, etc...  Then go back and read the        text slowly, asking yourself why the information is important as you go
        * Instead of highlighting important sentences or information, copy them in your notebook along with the textbook page where you found it
        * answer questions at the end of chapters, even if your teacher doesn't assign them

3.      Don't cram for tests
        * break down the material into manageable chunks and study over several days
        * turn your notes into flash cards, with a question on one side and the answer on the other
        * focus on larger concepts first to be sure you understand them; then focus on smaller details

4.      Control your environment
        * don't try to study in a noisy, distracting area; find a quiet, comfortable place where you can focus
        * turn off your cell phone, video games, and TV while studying
        * study when you're fed and rested; give yourself plenty of time to cover the material

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