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Tips for Academic Success

1.      Come to school with a positive attitude
        * respect your teachers, classmates, yourself and the learning process
        * find ways to get involved and enjoy your high school experience

2.      Commit to your own learning
        * set goals and work hard to meet them
        * tell yourself that giving up is not an option!

3.      Be prepared
        * know what you need to do each day, keep track of deadlines, due dates, test/quiz days, etc...
        * bring all required materials to class each day
        * bring home all materials necessary to complete homework each night

4.      Get organized

        * create an organizational system that works best for you, i.e. binders, color-coding, calendar, to-do lists, etc...
        * use separate binders/notebooks for each class if possible
        * use your agenda book daily to write down assignments and homework
        * consider keeping homework in a homework folder that stays in your bag

5.      Do your homework...and don't forget to hand it in!
        * completing homework each night ensures that you get the necessary practice to learn the topic, and that you are prepared for the next class
        * doing your homework is an easy way to boost your grades

6.      STUDY!
        * take the time to prepare well for tests and quizzes, as they comprise the largest percentage of your overall grade
        * be sure to have a quiet, well-lit area for studying
        * review material over several days; cramming the night before a test is not recommended
        * study with a friend, or have someone quiz you on the material

7.      Get help if needed
        * stay after school with your teachers if you have questions or need clarification
        * don't be afraid to ask questions in class; chances are other students have the same question, too
        * talk to your school counselor if you are struggling

When students, parents, teachers and school counselors work together, we can help every student be successful!

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