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STEM Opportunities outside Auburn
Listed Below are STEM related extracurricular activities and summer camps.

Summer 2015
At NYLF Pathways to STEM, we reward your curiosity with an exciting lineup of hands-on learning experiences. Why should adults have all the fun? Don‚Äôt just read about cool careers. Find out ‚Äď through real-world exploration ‚Äď what it‚Äôs really like to be a detective, a doctor or an engineer.¬†
This program is intended for students in third, fourth, or fifth grades.

Summer 2015
is an interactive experience that introduces high-achieving middle school students to innovative and rewarding careers in engineering, environmental science, medicine, and technology.

Summer 2015
Get firsthand career experience and gain the skills you’ll need to be successful in college and your future career.
April 16-17, 2016
The 4th USA Science & Engineering Festival, the largest and only NATIONAL science festival, features nationwide contests and school programs, including our popular 'Nifty Fifty' science speaker program and X-STEM Symposium

$285, Online Classes are designed for high-performing students in grades 6-12.    
Free, Online Resources - interact, learn, watch, play, read, and research using our free resources.

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