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Answer these few questions when brainstorming ideas for an essay:

*Brainstorm, what do you know about the subject? When you think of the topic, what comes to mind? What words/thoughts are you brainstorming?
*Create a graphic organizer and write ideas/thoughts about your topic.
*Continue to brainstorm ideas, what else comes to mind?  Think about relating your ideas to a book.  What character(s) come to mind?  How does this/these character(s) relate to your topic?
*Ask a teacher, parent or fellow student to look at your graphic organizer.  What feedback can they offer you?  With questioning you, more ideas are likely to come to mind.
*When you are satisfied with your graphic organizer, start writing your essay.  First, think of a "snappy" topic sentence.  Remember, you want to "grab" your reader's attention.  A suggestion is to start your introductory paragraph with a question.  For example, if your topic is transferring to a new school, you might ask, "What are your thoughts on moving to a new school?"  Answer your own question in sentence form.  Next, think about what you want to include in your body paragraphs.  This will help form your thesis statement.  What's a thesis statement?  A thesis statement includes the ideas of what you would like to include in your body paragraphs.  Anotherwords, you want to give the reader a "sneak preview" of what is to come in your body paragraphs.  For example, keeping with the topic of moving to a new school: Many students move to a new school, due to a family member earning a new job, moving closer to family members or a new start on life.

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