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Welcome to Shelly Connors Home Page
Physical Education 9-12
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Shelly Connors:  7-8 PE, Women's and Men's Varsity Tennis Coach.  NYS AHPERD CNZ Past-President

Contact Information:       315-255-8480 Ext. 2538

"Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn."

Remind Codes:
Girl's Games Class: text @girlsgames to 81010
Boys Games: Text: @boysgames to 81010
Co-ed Class: text @coedind to 81010

After texting you should receive a text message welcoming you to Mrs. Connors class.  

Due dates for homework and tests for Fall/Spring 2017-18 School Year

First Marking Period Deadline:  
Second Marking Period Deadline:
Third Marking Period Deadline:
Fourth Marking Period Deadline:

Course Expectations for 2017-2018
The following requirements are written on the back of each student‚Äôs lock card.  The first week of class each student is given a lock card and lock and must sign the back of the card.
Physical Education Requirements
New York State requires all students to be enrolled in Physical Education during each year of attendance in grades 7-8.  Auburn High School Physical Education is offered on a semester basis.  The Auburn attendance policy for Physical Education allows for no more than 21 absences for non-attendance or no participation in each year to earn PE credit.  All makeups for PE must be completed before the end of June to earn PE credit.  A student will receive a 50 for the marking period if s/he has had 5 or more absences/no participation.  A student will not receive credit for the course if s/he has had 21 or more absences/unprepareds for the year.

Students are graded every day on the following catagories


Percentages for Grading-Final Grade

Grading Components
State Standard
1 & 3
Skills Tests
Personal and Social Responsibility

All tests and homework will be done online through google classroom.  Each unit will finish with a final written test on-line. Review sheets will also be available in google classroom.  Each marking period will have an out of class assignment.  Each semester students will have one homework assignment due.

Rubric for Participation-40%

Changed and appropriate for class.  Participating 100% of the time with maximum effort
Changed and appropriate for class. Participating 100% of the time with 50% effort.
Changed and appropriate for class. Participating 100% of the time with 25% effort.
  • 2
Changed and appropriate for class. Participating 50% of the time with 50% effort.
  • 1
Changed and appropriate for class. Participating 50% of the time with 25% effort.

Rubric for Personal and Social Responsibility-20%
Students are encourage to make up any time that is missed.  Students are graded each day on their participatioin and if they are not present they can not receive the grade.

Students are also graded on Levels of Personal and Social Responsibility (NYSS  #2).  These five levels define what responsibility means and what they are able to take responsibility for.  The levels are explained below 5-0.  Students are graded appropriately everyday.
Level 5:        Caring  
        Students at level 5 in addition to respecting others, participating and being self-directed are motivated to extend their sense of responsibility beyond themselves by cooperating, giving support, showing concern and helping.
Level 4:        Self-Direction  
        Students at level 4 not only show respect and participation they are also able to work without direct supervision.  They can identify their own needs and begin to plan and carry out their physical education programs.
Level 3:        Participation   
        Students at level 3 show at least minimal respect for others but also willingly play, accept challenges, practice motor skills, and train for fitness under the teacher‚Äôs supervision.
Level 2:        Respect 
        Students at level 2 may not participate in a day‚Äôs activities or show much mastery or improvement, but they are able to control their behavior enough so that they don‚Äôt interfere with other students‚Äô right to learn or the teacher‚Äôs right to teach.  They do this without much prompting by the teacher and without constant supervision.
Level 1:        Irresponsibility        
        Students who operate at level 1 make excuses for their behavior and deny personal responsibility for what they do or fail to do.

Rubric for Skills Test-20%

-performs without error 75% of the time
-skill is automatic
-looks effortless
-refinement shown
-quality remains in unplanned situations
-replicates with √¨correctness√ģ
-needs concentration to succeed
-shows control in unpredictable situations
-(more than 50% of the time)
-reps are more correct
- reps are similar; can replicate
  • skill correctness/quality decreases when sequenced or w/ a partner
  • (less than 50% of the time)
  • 2
  • -looks awkward
  • -each rep looks different
  • -adds extraneous & inefficient movements
  • 1
  • No student participation

Mrs. Connors' Schedule for 2017-2018 School year

A Day 1st Semester
B Day 1st Semester
A Day 2nd Semester
B Day 2nd Semester
1st Mod
2nd Mod
3rd Mod
4th Mod
5th Mod
6th Mod
7th Mod
8th Mod
9th Mod

315-255-8480 Ext. 2538

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