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Mr. Sullivan
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Mr. Sullivan's Homepage!


The Lady of Shalott
(from the Arthurian legends)

by J.W. Waterhouse


Please send correspondence to:

I am also available through regular school email at


To submit papers through Google Docs,
you must use the high school's Google Docs account.
Items sent through your own personal Google account will not reach me!
The school's account can be accessed by clicking here.

Sign in to Google Docs as you would sign in to any school computer.
For detailed directions on creating, naming, and sharing documents, go to the "Research Homepage" tab at left  and follow the "Google Docs" link.

Google Docs may also be accessed through the school library's website.

Online Grades

Our current grading program is called SchoolTools.
If you have a password, you may check your grades by following this link to SchoolTools.

If you do not have a password, you may contact me by either email (above)
or telephone (255-8300 ext. 2345) regarding any grading questions.

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